About Joe

Joe was born 3/16/58 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. At the age of 4, his family moved to Melbourne, Florida and then at age 9 to West Palm Beach, Florida. 

He attended grade school, high school and a community college there. Then went on to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

At age 14 Joe joined the Civil Air Patrol. At 17, he landed a job at the airport with Aircraft Service as a ramp agent handling the bags for United and National Airlines. He would have to clean the aircraft interiors getting to see the pilots as well as being able to look into the cockpit. 

Joe knew that flying jets was the fun career for him, he so he enrolled in the aviation program at Palm Beach Junior College and began private flying lessons at Tilford Aviation. He was fortunate to get a job as a Load Master on a 44 seat airplane, FH-227. 

Two years later he was the First Officer at 20 years old. Then at 22, he landed a great flying job with a private jet charter company. He became a captain there at 23. Joe got to fly some very wealthy and famous people including passengers like Tammy Wynette, Brenda Lee, Jack Nicklaus, Lady Bird Johnson, Arthur Ashe, John Glenn, Jerry Reed and his favorite, Jimmy Buffett.

In 1984 Joe was hired as a pilot with Piedmont Airlines, now US Airways. On July 6, 1985, he married his long time sweetheart, Kelley. In early 1988 Joe was upgraded to a Captain. Joe and Kelley's first daughter, Laura Lee, was born in April of 1992, and second daughter, Tara Nicole, was born in May of 1995. 

On Sunday, December 1, 1996, the aircraft Joe was flying in with his family developed a mechanical problem causing the engine to lose power. The plane impacted with the ground in a violent nature as he barely cleared a tower. Joe was The Soul SURVIVOR! His injuries were severe so his life took a dramatic twist.

Joe has been happily married to his new wife Carol since September of 2001. 

As a result of the accident, Joe is on medical long term disability from US Airways.