Welcome to The Soul Survivor site. What is The Soul Survivor? First, it is a book coming out in August of 2011 from Destiny Image publishing. It is an amazing true story. It's about Joe Townsend, a man who experiences tragedy in a way many of us cannot imagine. Through tenacity, an iron will and the right �can do� attitude, Joe experiences triumph and today lives a life dedicated to helping to inspire others.

Joe Townsend and Shawn Doyle (the author and co-author of The Soul Survivor) are dedicated to a simple yet powerful vision:

No matter what happens to you in life, you can overcome any adversity, difficulty or problem with the right mindset, the willingness to work hard and a vision of a new brighter future.

As Joe often says to anyone he is talking to, �If I can do it, anyone can!� He believes he was spared in order to tell others about his amazing story, which is unlike any you have ever read. It could change your life.

So we are here to help people survive and thrive through adversity. How?

  • The Soul Survivor Book (August 2011)

  • The Soul Survivor Work Book (2012)

  • The Soul Survivor Stories (2013)

  • Live keynote speeches to groups

  • Audio and MP3 Programs

We are in the business of hope. Yes, there are many dark places and things that happen to people every day. We want to offer a ray of light, a helping hand and the knowledge that life can get better.